Monday, June 13, 2016

Even Dwarfs Started Small (1970)

A West German comedy written, directed and produced by Werner Herzog.
A gang of inmate dwarves in some type of criminal/physical/mental institution go on strike. The head dwarf has locked himself inside the building with one prisoner. The dwarves outside go crazy, destroying things until the leader inside goes crazy as well.
Sorry, I gave away the whole plot, but there wasn't much to give away. See that picture? That is how it ends: laughing boy laughing at a camel. It seems like they settled into the "fun & games" section of the UPO and didn't want any other part of it. The characters were literally all the same: dwarves gone crazy. There was some variety with laughing boy and the driver. The video was in black and white and featured way too much footage of chickens. The audio was horrendous. It opened with a Spanish Flamenco piece with screeching vocals that repeated multiple times throughout the duration. All of the actors' voices were very similar to this and high pitched. Overall, this is not something to be proud of having made. I would deny ownership if I had created it. I rate this bad. Only watch this to mock and poke fun at it.

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