Friday, June 17, 2016

Life Is Sweet (1990)

A British comedy drama written and directed by Mike Leigh, starring Jim Broadbent and Timothy Spall.
A family has their two adult daughters living at home with them. The father buys a trailer snack shop that is in poor condition. One daughter fucks her boyfriend during the day and wallows in bulimia at night. A friend of the family opens a restaurant. He gets drunk, as does the father (separately) and the next day, the father falls at work, breaking his leg.
Ah, more "slice of life" from Mike Leigh. The plot was minimalistic, but the characters were entertaining when they weren't crying or puking. I was shocked to find that the daughters were both daughters and adult. One looks like a boy and the other looks like she's about 11 or 12 years old. I was wondering "who lets these little kids smoke and drink?". Video looked really good. I saw lots of correct exposure with the shots clearly showing what was going on. The audio was decent. I seriously can't get enough of those British accents and slang terms like "taking the piss" and "innit?". Overall, not too shabby, but I like more to happen in a movie. Sorry for all the spoilers, but it's not like there's much there to spoil! I rate this adequate. It's worth watching if you have nothing else to do.

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