Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mudhoney A.K.A. Mud Honey (1965)

An American drama directed by Russ Meyer.
A man gets a job working for an evil farmer. The farmer's wife and her father work there and are good people. The man falls in love with the farmer's wife and conflict arises.
This is not what I think of when Russ Meyer is mentioned. It was dramatic and plot-driven instead of violent and sexual. There was some nudity, but it fit into the plot so well that it didn't become a focal point. The plot was actually good and the characters were played very well. It reminded me of some of the older westerns I've seen. The video was in black and white, but managed to show things quite clearly. This is where Russ Meyer's style came in the most. Good shot compositions and appropriate editing made strong statements in many of the scenes. The audio was mostly without music, which I don't like and the actors' voices had a piercing quality. Overall, this would be a better film if it was a western, rather than being set during the American great depression. I rate it o.k.

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