Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fanny Hill (1964)

An American romantic comedy directed by Russ Meyer, starring Miriam Hopkins and Ulli Lommel.
A lost young woman goes to an employment agency where she is picked up by the owner of a brothel. She meets and falls in love with a sailor accidentally. When he goes to sea, his ship sinks and he is believed to be dead.
This is not Russ Meyer's usual fare. There was no nudity. It featured a more complex plot than the few other films by him that I have seen and more developed characters. The storytelling elements were all in order and functional. The production is where we run into trouble. It was all in black and white to indicate the victorian date of the setting. The costumes were all like 16th century and the dialogue followed suit. The amount of characters, comedic element, absurdity and general chaos reminded me of Cheech & Chong. The audio on the version that I watched was really sketchy and unstable. Same with video. There were pixelations and tracking lines going across the screen. "London Bridge is Falling Down" got really old after like the 3478956th repetition. Overall, it has merits and flaws like most films. It didn't really hold my attention. I rate this tolerable.

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