Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good Morning and... Goodbye! (1967)

An American sexploitation film directed by Russ Meyer.
A group of seemingly unrelated characters living in a valley are united by sexual infidelity.
So Russ Meyer. Who is sleeping with whom is not a valid plot. The characters seemed to boil down to three: husbands, adulterers and women. The video was alright, but just a little more creative editing would have made a huge difference. For example, the old husband is driving and the witch is everywhere. Putting her more places for shorter times and making her seem to disappear and reappear would have been very easy. The intro scene of the naked woman running got my hopes up about nudity, but the rest of the film did not deliver what was promised. The audio let me know that they were inexperienced at mixing dialogue and music. The dialogue was too quiet and the music was too loud. I have very sensitive ears though. Overall, not worth watching at all. Russ Meyer has made much better films with more nudity and more plot than this. I rate it poor.

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