Sunday, September 4, 2016

Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968)

An American sexploitation crime film written, produced and directed by Russ Meyer.
At a strip club, men are waiting to rob the safe while the owner is on the phone being lured to a brothel. The prostitutes try to keep the bar owner busy while the robbers steal his money, but he has to be kicked out of the whore house and his wife goes to dance at the strip club.
This is what I think of when I see or hear Russ Meyer's name. The plot was a little more complex on this one, with all of the characters interlocking in some way. The video was pretty well done. My favorite scenes for creativity were the credits being on liquor bottles and pool sex cutting to a destruction derby. The audio featured clearly audible dialogue and a very '60s soundtrack. Overall, I think this is one of Russ' better films. I rate it good for sex and violence.

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