Saturday, September 17, 2016

Common Law Cabin (1967)

An American crime film directed by Russ Meyer.
A crusty old sailor lures three people from a fancy resort to spend the day at a rural retreat. The venue is owned by a man, his daughter and new wife. The visitors are a married couple of a doctor and nurse as well as a man who passes out hundred dollar bills to everyone. Things take a turn for the worse and true identities and motives are revealed.
Not bad. The plot had some shaky sections that didn't make sense and the acting did not seem natural. The characters were totally Russ Meyeresque though. Strangely, there was not enough nudity for my tastes. If you're going that route, at least do it right. The video was pretty standard otherwise. There was a wavy effect when a young man passed out and the ending screen got tinted green. Some of the dialogue audio was not very clear, but it featured the standard '60s groovy soundtrack. Overall, nothing special and not really worthwhile. I rate it tolerable.

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