Saturday, September 10, 2016

In & Out (1997)

An American romantic comedy directed by Frank Oz, starring Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Matt Dillon, Debbie Reynolds and Wilford Brimley.
An English teacher's former student announces that the teacher is gay on national TV. The teacher is supposed to be getting married that week. News crews show up and cause chaos initially, but one reporter stays for a whole week to cause extra problems.
This was not a good movie. American romantic comedies are generally bad and this is no exception. The trite plot featured poorly cast characters that I just plain didn't like. The production quality was of course impeccable. Everything looked and sounded fine and made sense. However, this too lacked creativity and originality. It looked and sounded just like every other major Hollywood film of the era. Overall, standard issue Hollywood trash. I rate it poor.

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