Friday, February 26, 2016

The Cat Returns (2002)

A Japanese animated fantasy directed by Hiroyuki Morita.
A girl saves the life of the prince of cats and the king of cats arranges for her to marry the prince. She is directed by another cat that she helped earlier to seek help from a certain agency. She finds the agency, but is kidnapped by the cats and taken to their world where she finds that she is turning into a cat herself. She must escape before the transformation is complete.
This is a Studio Ghibli film and is very much in the Hayao Miyazaki style. The backgrounds are very detailed and a rich fantasy world is created. The plot was in line with the infamous UPO, but held my interest. The characters were decent and pacing was quick. The use of flashbacks helped in telling the story and everything made sense. I don't feel the need to do lots of praise typing right now, but I really enjoyed this. Overall, a good Studio Ghibli anime. I rate it awesome.

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