Friday, February 5, 2016

Cursed (2005)

An American horror comedy directed by Wes Craven, starring Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg.
A brother and sister get into a car accident and when they go to help the other driver, they are bitten by a werewolf.
This was not too shabby. I will no longer be addressing plot unless it differs from The Universal Plot Outline. The characters were mostly acted well, although I got the feeling that some type-casting went into this. The werewolf entered view at just the right time and made enough appearances. There were also some transformations that looked alright. The pacing and editing were a little bit quick and there was lots of camera movement, but what do you expect from 2005? A few of the scenes were on the dark side, but most of it was correctly exposed. The humor had it's moments, but was generally down-played. Overall, it's a decent horror flick in the same vein as the '80s horror that earned Wes Craven his claim to fame. Although not as good as the Freddy series, you probably won't regret watching this too much. I rate it adequate.

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