Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Inspector General (1949)

An American musical comedy directed by Henry Koster, starring Danny Kaye and Walter Slezak.
An illiterate man from a gang of gypsies incites a riot when he tells an old woman the truth about the magical elixir that they are peddling. The gypsy boss chases him away when he is accidentally carrying an important document. He is arrested in a small town where the local officials think that he is the inspector general in disguise and set him free. His former boss reunites with him as he is about to leave and he is forced to play the role of inspector general.
The plot and characters were interesting, but the music was not. Most of the humor was sitcom style lies, but there was some funny physical humor like throwing wine in a fireplace to create giant explosions. Some of the scenes were physically demanding and involved lots of planning like the military training room. The main characters were easy to keep track of, but there were excessive extras. The video was a little dark and muddy and the audio was pretty standard. I rate this o.k.

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