Sunday, December 21, 2014

Origins & Symbolism of the European Union (2009)

A British documentary by David Icke.
In an interview with Red Ice Radio, David explains his view of the European Union and how it fits into a one world government.
This is a little bit short for a David Icke talk. On the education vs. entertainment scale, this is far to the side of education. There were no fancy videos, just Dave I. being interviewed in a room. At one point, they did display a picture, but that was it. My favorite part was Dave saying that he wouldn't trust Tony Blair to tell him the time in a room full of clocks. Overall, it was short and had good information, but nothing too different from David's other works. This would be a good intro to Icke's filmography for those who don't want to commit to a multi-hour presentation right away. I rate it adequate and would compare it to Michael Tsarion's Architects of Control.

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