Friday, December 12, 2014

The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss A.K.A. The Amazing Adventure A.K.A. Romance and Riches (1936)

An American romance directed and produced by Alfred Zeisler, starring Cary Grant and Mary Brian.
A rich man feels unwell and goes to see his doctor. The doctor determines that boredom and luxury are his problem and they make a bet that the rich man can't live a year as a regular working guy without using his money or friends. During the year, he meets a woman and they fall in love.
A unique premise, but just a regular movie. Everything about this film was average and mediocre. I don't have to list all of the film elements here. Fortunately for the movie, I don't frown on mediocrity quite so much anymore. I've seen so many really bad films that an o.k. one really is o.k. It was not painful to watch and I viewed the entire hour and a minute duration. I rate it o.k. and would recommend it if you just want to watch something.

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