Saturday, December 6, 2014

Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven (1948)

An American romance directed by William Castle, starring Guy Madison, Diana Lynn and James Dunn.
A man orders a drink at a bar and the bartender tells him a story. A newspaper writer's grandfather dies and leaves him money so he heads for New York to write a play. On the way, he picks up a young woman who is a compulsive liar. The woman lies him into being her brother and also a bank robber. Another lie gets them a mother who is a pickpocket. When the bartender shows up at the hotel where the writer is staying they go to a shop with fake things to ride.
The main theme of this film was deception. I thought it was alright. The style was of the time and there were a few editing/continuity mistakes. These were mainly sloppy video editing with characters moving. The video was otherwise adequate and the audio wasn't too bad. I liked the complex plot that filled the entire duration correctly without using lots of pointless filler. The characters were good and unique. Overall, it's a decent old movie to watch. I rate it adequate. You may want to check this out.

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