Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Bashful Bachelor (1942)

An American comedy directed by Malcolm St. Clair, starring Zasu Pitts.
Lum is mad at his partner at the general store, Abner for trading the delivery car for a horse. Lum also is planning to impress the woman who reads to him by being a hero, like in the story that is read. Lum and Abner get into various situations because of Abner's trading and Lum's quest to be a hero.
It was alright at best and very similar to So This Is Washington (1943). There were some funny scenes about the glasses that the travelling eye doctor was getting all of the characters to purchase that involved visual distortions visible to the viewer (picture). There wasn't any sloppy editing, so it was technically sound. I don't really feel the need to write too much about this because it is so similar to the other Lum and Abner film that I reviewed. I rate it o.k. and would recommend it if you like the series.

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