Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Architects of Control: Mass Control & Future of Mankind

An Irish documentary by Michael Tsarion and Henrik Palmgren.
Mike T. asks whether people are in control of themselves and examines what forces in the world determine the answer to this question.
As with David Icke and Alex Jones, this is very similar to the rest of Michael Tsarion's work. It does not hold a candle to Origins & Oracles and seems pitiful by comparison. There is some good information and I think that it was well made. Henrik did a good job with the video editing and music. There was one line in section 2 that really interested me about cutting down trees and naming streets after them. Overall, It's alright, but Mike has made better. I rate it adequate and would only recommend it if you don't have the patience to watch Tsarion's longer films.

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