Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (1918)

An American silent stop motion animated fantasy by Willis O'Brien.
A man tells a pair of boys a story about his adventure on Slumber Mountain. While there, he had a dream about opening an abandoned cabin to retreive a device through which he viewed dinosaurs.
Pretty cool film with lame presentation. I'm not talking about the pre-talky or b&w aspects, but how the story is told. Making it a story about a dream is boring. If you're going to stop motion animate dinosaurs, why not have it presented as actually happening? It's just a fantasy film, not a documentary! So there goes the plot. The style is awesome and I think that the animation was done very well. There were some times when I did not know what I should be looking at on the screen, but these were short, uneventful sections at the beginning of an animated scene. The music was very dated and it was entertaining to hear classical/jazz music trying to cope with dinosaur fights. There being no heavy metal genre in 1918, they did the best they could. Although it has some problems, I really liked this film. 19 minutes with stop motion animated dinosaurs is hard to beat. I rate it awesome and would recommend it to those interested in the history of animation.

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