Monday, December 22, 2014

Beyond the Cutting Edge (2008)

A British documentary by David Icke.
David gives his full speech at Brixton. He focuses on the nature of reality, thinking outside the box and waking up to the illusion so that one can realize one's true potential.
Very positive talk. I always like to talk about Mr. Icke when people ask me about the whole NWO Illuminati truth deal because his message is so positive. We CAN be better than we are and we CAN break out of the small, separate world views that we have been programmed into. The world we live in is supposed to be a wonderful place to have a profound experience of being a person in, not some bloody cesspool of manipulation, war, death, lies, struggle and stupidity. Anyway, this talk featured many Matrix (1999) references, some Credo Mutwa wisdom and the story of a woman who was conscious through a major health problem. Good job, Dave. If I hadn't seen so sodding many of your talks so sodding many times, it would get a better rating. I'll go with awesome. Definitely recommended, even if you've seen enough Dave already.

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