Sunday, December 7, 2014

That's My Baby! (1944)

An American musical comedy directed by William Berke.
The owner of a comic and cartoon company has not smiled or laughed in 20 years and wants his daughter to marry a man who she does not love. The daughter and her real boyfriend hire a special psychologist to help the father. When this does not work, they dig into the family's past for an answer.
This was actually pretty good. The plot was decent, but did not completely fill the duration of just an hour and 7 minutes. The filler is what made the film in this case. This consisted of comedic and musical acts that I imagine must have been popular at the time the film was created. Although dated by today's standards, I think that these acts have stood the test of time quite well. Some highlights include a man who dresses a model using only strips of cloth, a trumpet player with a hand puppet and a very good piano player. The video was of the time, but did not have the sloppy editing that I have gotten used to. The audio was a little thin, but the music came through alright. I'm rating this good because I liked it. You may want to check it out if you can dig the vintage comedy.

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