Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

An animated fantasy directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske.
A girl falls asleep and dreams of a fantasy world where nothing makes sense.
Being a Disney film, this obviously has new world order programming all through it. I'll just do the easy stuff here as I'm sure there are many alice in wonderland exposes out there.
When Alice falls down the rabbit hole, everything turns upside down (reverse naming of government organizations) and nothing makes any sense (look around the world we are in). The first clear illuminati character she meets is the elite puffin. He stands on a rock getting dry while he orders his followers to run around a flooding area to get dry. Later, he proposes drastic measures to get Alice out of the white rabbit's house when she is too big. He does not participate in the procedures until he is the only one working on the problem after the problem is gone. Is this ringing a bell to anyone yet? One of the workers that the puffin snags is a reptilian hybrid. Enough said. During the walrus and the carpenter bit, on the calendar in the oyster bed, the letter R is emphasized. This is a reference to the Rosicrucian secret society. Later in the film, Alice sees many anthropomorphic creatures in the forest. They are all doing something to lead her off course. This is a reference to the mainstream media, as she is looking for a path, but one of the creatures sweeps it away. At the end of the film, Alice meets the queen of hearts, a tyrant and a dictator. It would be un-American to leave a tyrant in control, but notice what happens in this American film: Alice leaves and the tyranny continues. I'm not going to go into drug references, as the film (the tea party especially) is full of them.
I'm rating this film adequate because I kind of like it and it also has freemasonic symbolism to talk about. This might be a good starting point for an education in symbolism, as the film is rife with it.


  1. Dear Sir: Your contention that this 1951 Walt Disney film is a New World/Illuminati diatribe is utter RUBBISH! It is nothing more than a fun filled, very colorful exercise in whimsy and nonsense and nothing more!!! Now you can stuff your head back up your rectum where it belongs!!! Very truly yours, Wayne C. Perelman

    1. Anonymous, I wrote a nice, long paragraph of evidence and reasons to support my view of the film. Where is your evidence? Rude remarks don't count as evidence, reasons or logic.