Friday, July 14, 2017

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

An American Japanese documentary directed by David Gelb.
An 85 year old sushi chef and his sons are interviewed.
This was pretty cool. It reminded me of watching an episode of No Reservations without Tony's snarky comments. The plot was a little on the sparse side. Really, how long can you talk about sushi? There were interviews with the father and both of his sons, fish market scenes, the rice dealer shows up and then some kind of family reunion thing. The characters were developed to as much depth as sushi chefs possess. The video was good. They had lots of good shots. My only issue was that they used very shallow depth of field sometimes to bokeh levels where not even the whole piece of sushi was in focus. The audio was in Japanese with good English subtitles. The dialogue may have been a little loud, but I can forgive that. I do like sushi, but I like the roll kind and not nigiri. These guys were making nigiri that would never pass my lips. Overall, a well made documentary with a small shortage of content. I rate this adequate. If you find it, why not watch it?

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