Saturday, July 8, 2017

American Nomads (2011)

A British American documentary by Richard Grant.
The filmmaker travels around America, interviewing people who live traveling. He speaks with hitchhikers, gutter punks, senior citizens with RVs, rodeo cowboys, Slab City residents and plain old homeless folks.
This was alright. There was a vast range of people interviewed, but the interviews lacked depth. Voice-over narration was pleasant in a British tea time sort of way and mildly informative. The video was done very well. There were many camera angles and some hand held shots. It showed what was going on and captured the environment of the interviewees. The audio was extremely well produced. All of it was pretty much level, I could hear what everyone said and there was some background music. Overall, a "safe" alternative to some of the more raw and gritty docs on this subject. I rate it o.k. because playing it safe doesn't get you high ratings here. It's worth watching, but not amazing.

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