Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines and their mind control (2012)

An American Prophecy Club documentary by Fritz Springmeier.
The guest speaker talks about pyramid schemes, satanism, nepotism and incest.
I remember seeing some of Fritz's other videos a while ago, but don't remember the exact content. He may have been included in an aliens/ufos compilation. This video looks very old and I sincerely doubt that it was made in 2012. For example, the Prophecy Club has since changed their logo, backdrop, stage setup and projection system. Seeing a 2012 date on a video that includes a transparency projector leads me to believe that it was uploaded, not made in 2012. Of course, no other sites have a date for it. The sound was very low, but decent quality. Fritz's speech covers lots of material very quickly and his voice drones monotonously, but there is lots of good information. I rate this adequate because most of this was not news to me, but there were some details that I found interesting.

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