Saturday, April 4, 2015

Joshua A.K.A. Black Rider, Joshua the Black Rider, Revenge (1976)

An American western directed by Larry G. Spangler, starring Fred Williamson.
A black man returns home after the civil war to find that his mother has been killed and the outlaws responsible have stolen the wife of the man who owned his mother as a slave.
This was very VERY poorly made. The repetitive soundtrack made anger rise in my heart with it's 3 single-bar songs. The acting was terrible. Let me explain: When you watch a normal movie, the actors work to convince you that they are the characters and the director works with them and the camera crew to convince you that you are seeing events pertaining to the characters and the plot. In this film, it was painfully obvious that the actors were just people standing there and saying lines or pretending to be in a fight. Some of the camera shots had good composition, but I didn't feel that the director was trying to convince me in the least bit that these things were happenning. The pacing dragged like a tricycle with no wheels. The female actresses were either mostly so similar looking that it seemed like one woman playing multiple parts or it actually was one woman playing many roles. Besides camera shot composition, there was only one other positive part of this film. Joshua ties one of the harriers to a tree and a gun to another tree. He then uses a wet strip of leather to tie the trigger. The leather dries, shrinks and KABLASTO! A creative execution. I have to rate this bad because it looked like it was planned and acted by novices.

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