Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kentucky Rifle (1955)

An American western directed by Carl K. Hittleman, starring Chill Wills and Sterling Holloway.
A group of settlers become separated from their wagon caravan and stranded when a wheel breaks. The wagon is carrying a load of guns for a man who does not want them left behind and a pregnant woman. Tensions among the group increase as time passes, supplies dwindle and repairs slowly take place. When indians find the stranded wagon, there are misunderstandings which lead to conflict.
This was alright, I guess. The plot and characters were clearly presented and the acting was not too bad. Camera-work was straightforward and standard, but clearly depicted the scenes. There were some crossfade/dissolve edits to show time passing as the settlers worked to fix their wagon. The pace was medium with some fluctuation up in action scenes, but not much slowing down in the less eventful sections. The audio and video were what I have come to expect from the mid '50s. Overall, this is as standard as a western gets. I would use this as a prime example of my o.k. rating. You may want to watch it or skip it.

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