Monday, October 18, 2010

The Twilight Samurai (2002)

A drama directed by Yoji Yamada.
A destitute samurai lives with his 2 daughters and his senile mother. A damsel in distress shows up, but he declines the offer to marry her. When he is assigned by his clan to kill a dangerous man, he reconsiders his choice about marriage.
If you're looking for THE "good guy", this is him. He's filthy, unshaven, stinks, his clothes are ragged, he declines bar invitations in favor of going home to his family, he works so much that he has no time to clean himself... a classic poor samurai with a family. There were subtitles to read, but they came with the film and it was pretty long. I really like this type of thing, so I'm rating it green. Some of our "action-oriented" samurai fans might get bored, but plot and characters are better than fighting.

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