Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Princess Bride (1987)

A fantasy directed by Rob Reiner.
A very young Fred Savage (of Wonder Years fame) is sick and his grandfather shows up to read him book. In the book, a girl falls in love with a farm boy who leaves and is captured by pirates. The girl accidentally (and against her will) becomes betrothed to the evil prince. She is then captured by a group of men who want to start a war and rescued by a pirate who turns out to be the farm boy. The farm boy is killed by the prince and resurrected by 2 of the war mongers who turn out to be cool guys. One of them has a grudge against one of the prince's men and they storm the castle to make everything right again.
This is in the running for best film ever made. The plot, setting and character development are absolutely perfect. There's not much more to be said that wouldn't just be repeated praise of this, so I'm giving it a white "best films ever" rating.

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