Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tank Girl (1995)

An adventure directed by Rachel Talalay.
In a post apocalyptic world, a slut is captured by the global corporation of water and power. She escapes and fights back against them with the help of the rippers (kangaroo men).
I watched this for illuminati symbolism and predictive programming. Guess what? I found it! The musical number, "Let's Do It" performed on a masonic checkerboard floor reminded me of Madonna inducting her starlets. Phallic symbols never ended as a male hero role was played by a woman. Everything looked messy and crappy mid 90s pop music played through the entire feature. On the good side, it is a very entertaining film to watch. There's lots of action and beautiful women, so it lands on o.k. because of the balance of entertainment and evil.

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