Thursday, October 21, 2010

King Kong (1933)

A fantasy directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, starring Fay Wray.
A film director finds a leading woman for his new movie and takes her to a mysterious island. On the island, the native people provide human brides for a giant ape and kidnap the woman in an attempt to give her to the ape. The film crew and sailors chase the ape when he captures the woman and both parties have run-ins with prehistoric beasts. They eventually capture the ape and bring him to New York city where he escapes captivity and picks up the woman again.
I've seen the 2005 remake of this and I've got to say that I prefer the 1933 version. Marcel Delgado made the monsters for this film and they look very similar to Ray Harryhausen's creations. The scenes on the wild half of the island are my favorite as raw vegan dinosaurs turn carnivorous and attack the humans. On the "new world order symbolism" side of things, when Fay Wray puts on the dress, there is a dangling phallus-like accessory on it that amused the hell out of me. I'm rating it worthy, which is more than the 2005 remake could ever hope to get. Suck on that, Hollywood!

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