Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Over the Edge (1979)

An American crime directed by Jonathan Kaplan, starring Harry Northup and Matt Dillon.
Strict parents, rebellious teenagers and an asshole cop combine to cause a volatile situation in a small town.
This is a classic that I watched before starting this blog and just re-watched. The plot follows the main character as he has fun with his friends, gets a girlfriend and gets in fights with his parents and the cop. It obviously held my interest the whole time. The characters are typical of a '70s or '80s teen "coming of age" film. The video was actually very good for the time it was made. Good camera angles and punctual editing helped this. The audio was a little quiet, but the dialogue and music were mixed well. This music, of course, includes some of the best and most energetic of '70s rock like The Ramones and Van Halen. Overall, another one of those "freedom vs authority" films that I like so much. I rate this awesome. Watch it!!!

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