Thursday, August 3, 2017

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

An American science fiction comedy directed by Stephen Chiodo, starring Royal Dano and John Vernon.
Like the title says, alien clowns land on Earth and kill people. A young man, his girlfriend, a good police officer (there's some comedy element) and their friends (brothers who drive an ice cream truck) have to save the town.
This is good for some cheap and cheesy entertainment. The plot had logistical holes. Why did the cotton candy kill people wrapped in it, but not harm those who touched it? Same with the clown ice cream/whipped cream/pies. The characters were exactly what I would expect from such an '80s flick, with the ice cream truck driving brothers serving as comic relief. Video effects need to be mentioned. The sets and costumes were awesome in a Full Moon or Tim Burton kind of way. We had clowns flying down the road like they were driving a car, jumping straight up off screen and putting on one hell of a shadow puppet show. Even the seemingly innocuous balloon dog was manipulated by unseen means. The audio was a little on the quiet side at times, but generally decent. Overall, good for fans of '80s science fiction, fantasy and horror. Nobody else. I rate this adequate. It would have gotten a better rating with good plot and characters.

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