Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tusk (1980)

A drama directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
A girl in India shares a prized elephant with the elephant trainer. When the girl comes back from school in England, the elephant is provoked into violence at the party. The elephant then gets loose in a failed attempt by the local low lifes to steal it and multiple parties make an effort to catch it.
The audio and video were horrible, but there was a cool fade in/fade out effect that was used between some scenes. The audio was in French and it had Spanish and English subtitles.
I knew that I had the right movie when one man forced another to give him a piggy back ride over a mud puddle. This is not like Jodorowsky's famous masterpieces, but it was still good. The characters were portrayed well and it had a good plot. There were some distinct "Jodorowsky moments" and there was a hint of magic and spirituality to it. I watched it because of who made it, but it's probably worth a view. I like it, so I'm saying good.

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