Monday, September 20, 2010

Puppet Master series (1989 - 2004)

A horror fantasy from Full Moon Features.
Andre Toulon is a puppeteer who has living puppets made by a method taught to him by an Egyptian sorceror. He escapes Nazi Gemany with his puppets and secret, only to be found dead in America with no puppets. A young scientist moves into the hotel where Toulon died and with the help of a psychic friend, finds the puppets and figures out their secret.
When I was younger, I watched this series and liked the puppets very much. I wanted some of my own (as any boy would) and this still holds true. The last 3 films in the series (retro, legacy and vs demonic toys) were total crap, but the first 6 were pretty good. I'm rating this worthy for full screen and a few shitty sequels. If you like this, watch Subspecies as it's made by the same company.

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