Friday, June 9, 2017

God Told Me To A.K.A. Demon (1976)

An American crime thriller directed by Larry Cohen.
A police detective is investigating a series of multiple murders in which the killers' last words were always "God told me to."
"Jesus! Did you see what GOD just did to us, man?" - Gonzo, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
This was so '70s. The plot ran like any other detective flick until the last few minutes. The characters were stereotypical of the time and genre. Video was just as grainy and gritty as expected. Audio was typical of the time. My main problem with this is that it was so predictable. If you've seen one '70s detective flick, you've seen them all. Guy gets into the case and is told he is overworking, needs to go on vacation. neutral color suits as far as the eye can see. Overall, I was definitely unimpressed. I rate this tolerable. You should not watch it if there are other options available.

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