Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Audition A.K.A. Odishon (1999)

A Japanese horror directed by Takashi Miike.
A widower stages a fake audition for a video in order to find a girlfriend. He falls in love with one of the contestants and everything is fine until they go on vacation together.
This developed very slowly and then got really graphic, really quickly at the end. The plot followed this pattern. For the longest time, it could have been a happy ending romance. Then time and sequence of events get distorted and the woman gets violent. The characters were actually developed quite well for a horror flick, although the woman's story remains a mystery in the end. The video had obstructed views, underexposure and dark scenes, but I could see everything and it ended up working out alright. The audio was in Japanese with good English subtitles. There were some short sections with louder "dead air" background noise, static and hum. Overall, a decent flick, but be prepared to wait for action. I rate this adequate.

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