Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Braindead A.K.A. Dead Alive (1992)

A New Zealand horror comedy directed by Peter Jackson.
A man falls in love with a grocery store clerk. While his mom is spying on them at the zoo, she is bitten by a mutant animal and becomes very sick. She infects other people and the man tries to hide the zombies from his girlfriend, but the truth ends up being exposed when a money grubbing relative tries to get the mother's house and money.
This was cool. Peter Jackson has a twisted sense of humor that I really appreciate. The plot held my attention, but the characters were slightly underdeveloped. The main focus was on special effects here. They did that pretty well. The monsters were disgusting and the blood flowed like a river. It's no secret that the ending of the film is a total bloodbath. A blood shower even! I'm not spoiling that in any way because if you watch this, you knew what you were getting into. The technical aspects were well executed. I liked the scene where the guy hides behind a trolley, then a car until it drives away. That was well planned and showed some thought with camera-work and acting. Overall, creepy, disgusting and funny. Just what I wanted. I rate this good. Watch it!

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