Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Seven Minutes (1971)

An American courtroom drama directed by Russ Meyer.
A young woman has been murdered and a college student is framed for killing her by the actual murderer. A book sold at a local store is deemed obscene. Because the student owned a copy of the book, the cases are joined in court in an effort to prove that the obscene book drove him to rape and murder the woman.
This was not like Meyer at all! There was only implied nudity and sex how mainstream films would show obvious clues to it. The plot was interesting and well-developed. It included a very good plot twist at the end, upsetting everything that the viewer had been told and shown before. Unfortunately, a real conclusion never happens. The characters were varied, but not very dynamic. The video style is the only clue that indicates this as a Russ Meyer film. The quick cuts and bold composition and framing of shots were very much of his style. The audio was close. The dialogue was more audible than his other films and the music downplayed slightly, but the mix was still a little music-heavy. Overall, a unique take on courtroom drama done in a Russ Meyer manner. I rate it o.k. Watch this if you think Meyer only makes films about sex.

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