Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gor (1988)

A South African American science fiction adventure directed by Fritz Kiersch, starring Oliver Reed.
A dorky college professor finds a magic ring and knows that it will transport him to another world. When he crashes his car, the ring activates. He finds himself in a desert, is trained as a warrior and becomes a hero.
This tried to be Conan so hard. The plot was stale, stale, stale. Mad Max, Conan, Army of Darkness, you get the idea. The characters were not developed. Even the main character slips into his new role far too easily and quickly. I think all of the funding for this film went into sets and costumes. I didn't count the golden bikinis, but there were lots of them. The video was way too grainy for 1988 and also always over or under exposed. The outdoor desert shots were too bright and the indoor cave/castle shots were too dark. The audio was not so great. The dialogue was not at an even volume level. The music was appropriate, but sounded like Pirates of Dark Water meets Conan. It should have been good, but was not. I think that statement can be applied for my "overall" conclusion as well. I rate this poor. You probably should not watch it. The illustrations on the book covers are amazing. Look at those instead.

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