Monday, September 14, 2015

Enter the Void (2000)

A French thriller directed by Gaspar Noe, starring Paz de la Huerta.
A drug dealer is shot when police try to bust him at a bar. What he experiences afterward is shown.
This has officially displaced all other contenders for "Worst Film Ever Made". In every one of the other films in the running, we get a clear view of something. Actors are visible, maybe we can see where they are, you get the idea. Some Kind of Monster may be grown men bickering and bitching for 3 hours, but at least we can see their faces. Not the case here. It looked like they hung the camera from the ceiling in an orbitron (human gyroscope) fair ride and just let it spin wherever it wanted. ALL of the shots are underexposed and too dark. EVERY light in the film blinks, flickers and flashes. Most of the time, the camera shots were out of focus. A good percentage of the video was pointless footage of walls, floors and other urban structures, but not good enough shots to see what these items were. The ENTIRE soundtrack consisted of electronic feedback with the sounds of human suffering over it. Although it does take skill to make a movie this bad, I'm going to have to rate it shit. Congrats, Gaspar. You have officially made "The Worst Film Ever"!

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