Sunday, September 6, 2015

American Mary (2012)

A Canadian horror directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska, starring Katharine Isabelle.
A young woman is in school to become a surgeon and works at the local hospital as a nurse. She begins receiving strange phone calls before auditioning for a job as a stripper. At the interview, she is asked to save a man's life who has been mortally injured. Upon arriving home, the phone calls continue and she meets up with the caller, who wants body modification surgery. The main character quits medical school and takes up this new line of well paying work, but all is not well. Invited to a party with the doctors, her old professor rapes her. Things get weird and complex from there.
Is that Paz de la Huerta? NO! Possibly better: It's Bridget from the Ginger Snaps movies!!!! The characters are really good and I as a viewer felt instantly enamored with the main character. Her bodyguard was another cool character. The plot was definitely engaging and I was rooting for grown-up Bridget all the way through (although thinking that she was Paz de la Huerta). There were many convolutions and twists in the story that kept things interesting as it became more and more complex, but still easy to keep track of. The style reminded me of Nurse (2013) with dark settings and some hard lighting for night shots. Overall, this was absolutely brutal, gorey and fantastic all the way through. I rate it best! WATCH IT!!!

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