Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Son of the Renegade (1953)

An American western directed by Reg Browne.
A man becomes an outlaw by winning a gunfight and recruits a gang of harriers. Unfortunately, a sheriff moles his way into the gang and breaks it up. When the old outlaw dies, his son inherits the family ranch and the father's reputation.
The heavy narration in the first section was working well, but it ended with the life of the father. Then they brought in way too many characters without back-stories and tried to cram in as many sub-plots as they could until the 56 minute mark. The style was classic western, with good settings and clear camera-work. Cowboy costumes were top-notch and the leading female villain was an extremely attractive, but unknown actress. It looks like they had all the right stuff to make a western, but only half a plot. Yes, I'm giving them flak for lack of planning. I rate this bad. There are so many better things to watch.

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