Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Psychedelic Messiah (2014)

A documentary by Adam Miller.
In extremely exhaustive and in-depth study of history, religion, agriculture, gender and drugs is presented, accompanied by classical music and art.
OH YEAH! This is the kind of stuff that I spend hours looking for online and rarely find. The audio was about 95% clear, with some small volume fluctuations and audio artifacts. The video was nothing less than FUCKING AMAZING! As the narrator speaks, relevant pictures and videos are shown to fully illustrate the points that he is speaking on. The narrative takes us from a war between ancient Rome and the Jews all the way up to the zombie apocalypse films of today. Some of the more detailed sections were about how ancient Romans "cultivated" or "tamed" strong and wild plants by placing them among and grafting them onto other species. This is then applied to the Romans editing the Jewish texts to basically make a mockery of them. Another related section was about portraying Jesus as feminine with a purple menstral robe and associating him with the feminine aspects of the mushroom. I got a detailed education in mycology and the life-cycle of mushrooms while watching this. At this point, my rudimental understanding of the vast subject matter begins to degrade, rather than promote the film. It was very well made and I enjoyed it. Some folks who are not interested in deep analysis of this subject matter may find it to by dry and boring. Video game fans will notice the Sephiroth theme from Final Fantasy VII later in the film. I rate it best. WATCH IT!

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