Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dracula vs. Frankenstein A.K.A. Blood of Frankenstein, The Revenge of Dracula (1971)

An American horror directed by Al Adamson, starring J. Carrol Naish and Lon Chaney Jr.
A mad scientist is abducting young women to make a syrum for his werewolf or Dracula or Frankenstein. A woman's relative is missing and she teams up with hippies. It's a mess.
I got the wrong movie. I was looking for Jess Franco's Dracula Contra Frankenstein from the same year. This seemed just like a Franco flick until I started doing research for my review. The camera-work sucked, psychedelic soundtrack, amazing tits, you could have fooled me. It did not hold my attention at all. The video was so bad that I did not want to look at the screen. The audio was bad, but not horrid. Worst of all, Dracula was sleazy! He's not supposed to have facial hair. As usual, I could type trash about it longer than necessary. I rate this bad. DO NOT WATCH!!!

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