Saturday, February 4, 2017

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)

A British American fantasy adventure directed by Val Guest, starring Patrick Allen and Patrick Holt.
A blonde cave woman is victimized by a tribe with dark hair. One of the men of the dark haired tribe falls in love with her. Dinosaurs attack throughout.
Akita! This was the most frequently used word in the fictional language of this prehistoric culture. It may have even surpassed "Grandma!" in The Witches (1990) and "Fuck" in Casino (1995). The plot was nearly incoherent and did not present a very cohesive story line. I took it as an examination of the normative function of primitive society. The dark haired tribes felt threatened by the main character's blonde hair because of lack of understanding. Even the ever-present threat of dinosaur attacks could not overpower their thoughts that a slight difference of appearance creates a foe. The characters were extremely shallow, mostly because there was no actual dialogue. The video was grain and blur all the way. Through this primitive haze, special effects become easier to make convincing. The stop-motion dinosaurs were done very well. These were combined into the scenes through forced perspective and compositing. The audio was of inferior quality. The treble-biased symphonic soundtrack was most prominent, with uneven vocal levels being of minimal concern. Overall, a film for those who like to watch cavemen and dinosaurs, but do not require a compelling story. I rate this adequate because I like to watch stop-motion dinosaurs.

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