Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yuma (1971)

An American made for TV western directed by Ted Post, starring Clint Walker, Barry Sulivan, Kathryn Hays, Edgar Buchanan and Bing Russell.
A new sheriff comes to a lawless town. Cattlemen are running wild, a Mexican boy is stealing stuff and the local indians are being denied services that their treaty should grant them. The new law man has to solve all of the problems before the shit really hits the fan and all hell breaks loose on him.
This was pretty good. The plot was clearly presented, but I would have simplified a few sections to clean it up a little bit. The characters were memorable, but I would have included more of the Mexican boy and the hotel woman. I noticed some good camera-work that clearly showed everything that was going on. The video was a little grainy and the sound not the best, but it wasn't too shabby as far as a/v quality. Pacing was very quick to fit the complex plot into the hour and 14 minute duration. I think the style was right because it reminded me a little bit of Rio Bravo (1959). Overall, an enjoyable western. I rate it good and it's a keeper.

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